Fox Italia Snack

5 Mar 2022

There is only one thing that you cannot fail to do if you are in Italy, THE APERITIF! … And Fox Italia Snacks are waiting for you right in that place and at that moment!!
Unbelieveble Italian habits…

Visionary and Pioneer in producing and obstinate in offering only quality snacks in the best Italian bars,Luxury Shop and Premium Supermarket . Today by FOX Nut & Snack brand is a “Concrete Ambassador of Aperitifs served with Italian style in the world”. Fashion food for leisure time. Exactly what contemporary consumers want .

We guarantee the authentic and intense flavour of a truly artisanal product made with love, while always staying faithful to the traditional recipes. Our grandparents taught us to respect Nature and Flavour and this is definitely the philosophy behind our motto “From the Farm to Market”.